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This page will be regularly updated with actions and events organised or supported by Glasgow Against ATOS.

The Glasgow Against ATOS Facebook page is also constantly updated with information and action – become a friend!

We also welcome support from those unable to attend events – send us on your messages of solidarity, your experience of ATOS or fighting the cuts – and make this blog your voice! Email us at

Last Friday of every month – picket of ATOS! End the war on welfare!

Join GAA on its monthly picket of ATOS. Meet at 12.30pm outside ATOS testing centre in Coruna House on Cadogan Street, Glasgow city centre . Leave at 1pm for a rolling picket of banks, institutions, companies and other targets complicit with ATOS and attacks on the vulnerable. Bring banners, placards, whistles, megaphones and anything else – no business as usual for the cutters in Glasgow!

Glasgow Against ATOS campaign meetings – all welcome!

The campaign holds regular and open organising meetings where everyone can bring their ideas for the campaign and discuss the fight against ATOS.

Unite the Union offices, West Regent Street, Glasgow (disabled access), 7 – 9pm

Thursday 9 May / Wednesday 29 May 2013

All Scotland Anti-Bedroom Tax demonstration, Saturday 1 June

Join the Glasgow Against ATOS contingent on the national demonstration against the bedroom tax in Glasgow. More details to follow – we will definitely the noisiest bunch on the protest!


One comment

  1. Emily

    Hi my name is Emily and I am a member of David (Joe Bloggs) wrote a piece about you yesterday on the forum.
    I wanted to write and thank you for all that you are doing on behalf of others. You are putting your necks on the line for people you haven’t even met and I admire you greatly for it.
    I am disabled myself and wish I could do more for others too, but physically am unable to do much. So I try to help others on the forum deal with the cruel abuse handed out to them by ATOS and the DWP. Every day we try to get these people their dignity and self respect back, along with the benefits they have had taken away from them.

    You are amazing and on behalf of all the people you strive to help THANK YOU

    Stay safe


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