GAA 2 Defence Campaign


Glasgow Against ATOS 2 – arrested for speaking the truth!

On Friday 22 February 2013, Strathclyde police mobilised around 30 officers against one of Glasgow Against ATOS’s peaceful monthly protests in Glasgow city centre and arrested two activists for the ‘crime’ of speaking on a megaphone. The two people arrested – Dominic O’Hara and Daniel McGarrell – as well as being leading activists in the campaign, are also members of the group Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! which has been the target of police repression for over three years.

Glasgow Against ATOS is clear: these arrests represent an attack on the entire campaign and we stand fully behind all those targeted and arrested for their political activity against the cuts. These arrests also represent a blatant attack on our most fundamental rights of freedom of speech and assembly. If we allow the police to arrest the GAA 2 for speaking on a megaphone, where does this end? We must all stand together to defend those attacked for daring to speak out, and the Glasgow Against ATOS 2 defence campaign has been established in response.

Send your messages of solidarity to the campaign, sign-up your trade union, political, community, claimants or student organisation to the defence campaign, write to your local MPs and representatives, join the free speech rallies and court pickets. Defend the right to protest! Drop the charges now! ATOS are the real criminals!

The Glasgow Defence Campaign was established three years ago in response to the growing attack on democratic rights in Glasgow against anti-cuts activists and supports the case of the Glasgow Against ATOS 2. Articles and reports on the case below:

Statement on original arrests

Police try to divide anti-ATOS campaign

Successful free speech rally held for GAA 2

Drop the charges now! Defend the right to protest!

Militant rally held at Glasgow Sheriff Court





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