About us

Glasgow Against ATOS is a campaign committed to opposing the government’s assault on the poorest and most vulnerable in society and in particular the Department of Work and Pension’s attack on sick and disabled  people through the Work Capability Assessments carried out by the French multinational company ATOS.

The campaign completely rejects the so-called ‘welfare reform’ to which all the major political parties are committed and instead supports the full implementation of maximum support and rights for sick and disabled people, and recognises also that those most under attack must lead this fight.

Since its formation, the campaign has grown from strength to strength, carrying out regular pickets, protest, direct actions, meetings and fundraisers as well as supporting demonstrations against day centre closures, the bedroom tax and the cuts in general.

Glasgow Against ATOS stands on the principle that an injury to one is an injury to all. We stand with all those fighting the cuts and call for the fullest mobilisation of everyone: individuals, political, community, trade union, workers, unemployed, claimants and student organisations. We call for action and open, democratic campaigning and organisation. JOIN US!


The Glasgow Against ATOS campaign was formed at a meeting in Glasgow on 10 October 2012 by members of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, the Accord centre campaign, the Black Triangle campaign in defence of disability rights, and other individuals and campaigners who had carried out a series of pickets of the ATOS testing centre in Cadogan Street, Glasgow since June 2012. The following principles were agreed on which the campaign is based:


GLASGOW AGAINST ATOS completely rejects the government’s use of testing to remove vital support and benefits from those unable to work through disability and illness.


GLASGOW AGAINST ATOS will support fully every protest, action, meeting and initiative taken by the disabled and their supporters to challenge government and state attacks on welfare.


GLASGOW AGAINST ATOS welcomes and actively seeks the broadest involvement from all those who support its aims and will seek to build the fullest unity in action and organisation. We will seek to sign up organisation and individuals as public supporters of the campaign.

Open and democratic

GLASGOW AGAINST ATOS founds itself on open, collective action and structure. Open, regular meetings are proposed as the means for taking action forward. All can speak, all can contribute, all can be represented. We completely reject censorship and bans on political views and expression. All can distribute material and display their political affiliations.


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