Glasgow Against Atos occupation of SALUS! August 2013

Campaigners united today Friday 9 August to take action against the Personal Independent Payment (PIPs) test regime of the Department for work and pensions (DWP). The target for action was the SALUS office, 348-382 Argyle Street. An occupation took place with younger and older citizens closing down the centre for over an hour. Speeches, chants and placards were heard and seen by interested passers-by. The message was given clear that cuts to benefits, punishing the sick and disabled, would be fought no matter who was implementing or collaborating with them.

Between April 2013 – September 2017 the most severely sick and disabled people in Britain, currently claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA), will undergo assessments for the PIPs which is replacing it. The Government’s aim is to cut DLA costs for working age claimants by 20% with an estimated half a million disabled people losing their entitlement to key services and support.

The private multinational Atos have been awarded contracts of £400mn to carry out these PIPs assessments (£238mn of this for testing people in Scotland, Northwest and Northeast England). Since 2007 Atos have been hired by the Labour and ConDem Governments for the purpose of finding incapacity benefit claimants fit for work regardless of their physical or mental condition. Atos have served as a useful distraction for the fact that it is a government agency, the DWP, which structures the dehumanising and degrading computer tests claimants’ face. Now it is the turn of the private sector to hide behind the public sector. Fearing greater opposition and notoriety Atos have sub contracted SALUS, a body of NHS Lanarkshire, for £22mn, to implement the PIPs assessments in Scotland.

Whilst the announcement by Atos is a victory for campaigners who have succeeded in blackening their name the sick and disabled will continue to suffer the same DWP structured tests and cuts but this time under a cloak of NHS respectability.



Next campaign meeting

Tuesday 20 August, 7-9pm

Unite Union Building,

John Smith House,

145/165 West Regent Street,


G2 4RZ

Support the Glasgow Against Atos 2 Defence Campaign

Court protest at trial,

Tuesday 1 October, 9-10am

Glasgow Sheriff Court

Carlton Place

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  1. Martyn Duffy

    I am a mentally and physically ill, gay man currently living in northwest Glasgow. Being mentally, emotionally. homophobicly abused. By the downstairs neighbours i live alone and the family abusing me are of 3 in the household. The father claims sickness benefits for a bad back the son works for atos healthcare. Have photographic evidence of father with bad back helping construct a other neighbours garden hut. So affected by these abuses my mood stabilizers have been doubled now on betablockers and night sedition suicidal thoughts returning even have to stay out of my own home when too much to handle. systematic tirade of abuse over 15 months only moved in 18 months ago. GHA and police been involved hard to prove anything as 3 of them I’m on my own. can someone pls help should i go to benefit fraud people newspapers whatever! so conflicted as fear of reprisal from this bigoted family one of which a atos worker. His parents even told me “their boy could get me kicked off my benefits so i should watch out” what should i do?

  2. Martyn Duffy

    Feck it just post of evidence of atos worker father potentially defrauding benefits system. Sick of abuse time to make a stand.

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