Hanging Out Glasgow City Council’s Dirty Laundry

On Saturday 3 August Glasgow Against Atos took their call for Glasgow City Council to Hang Out Their Dirty Laundry to the old washing lines of Glasgow Green.  People from across Glasgow attended the event to add to the sheets and clothes displaying messages which detailed the dirty tricks and acts of Glasgow’s Labour Council. The struggles against Council corruption, implementation of cuts to public services and the injustices committed by 2014 Commonwealth Games organisers were just some of the issues highlighted.

Political singer/songwriter Citizen Smart entertained everyone with music before anyone who wanted to speak on the mic was invited to. A number of people from campaigns across the city stepped forward. Speakers included Margaret Jaconelli who was evicted from her home in Dalmarnock for the building of a Commonwealth Games Athletes village and one of the Glasgow Against Atos 2, Dominic O’Hara, who face trial on 1 October for using a megaphone on a GAA protest. Others took to the mic to air their feelings about Glasgow’s council and the cutbacks they are implementing. The Department of work and pensions were also shamed for cutting the welfare benefits of the sick ad disabled through the back door – by hiring the private multinational Atos. GAA supporters concluded that the Labour Party are no friends of the working class.

GAA is proud to note that the audience included two famous Glasgow writers James Kelman and Alasdair Gray who came to lend their support. We will continue action and call for united work to expose and oppose those who ride in affluence on the backs of our communities.

Fight Back!

On the mic

Citizen smart photo


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