Glasgow Against ATOS says, “Together, We Will Win!”

Glasgow Against ATOS have been campaigning against the Government hired contract killers ATOS for almost two years. ATOS are the miracle workers whose magic computer “assessments” manage to find chronically sick, disabled and dying claimants fit for work.

Their quack assessments have contributed directly and indirectly to the deaths of thousands of people.

We fight back against their cull of the working class, with direct action, occupations, pickets and raising public awareness.

Many of the people affected by ATOS are also affected by the Bedroom Tax, and all working class people are victims of the Government’s so-called austerity measures – in reality a series of brutal attacks on the poorest in society.

So Glasgow Against ATOS are also against the Bedroom Tax, and for that matter all attacks on working people’s lives.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can appeal to the politicians sense of reason or fairness- they don’t have any, – they would rather you went off and died!

This fight can only be won by united working class direct action, not by appealing to politicians.

So become involved in the fight against the Bedroom Tax.

Become involved in the fight against ATOS

Join the Fightback and say, “Enough is enough”- and together, We Will Win!

Visit us on Facebook at Glasgow Against ATOS.


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