GAA Chant Sheet & Speech on Bedroom Tax Protest

A big well done to everyone who supported yesterday’s march and rally against the Bedroom Tax. To give you a flavour of the day the Glasgow Against Atos chant sheet and rally speech is below. Hope to see you all out again very soon!

Fintry anti poll tax bannerGAA on 29 marchMarch 4March 2

Glasgow Against ATOS chant sheet

We remember John MacLean! In the year 1915!
We remember Mary Barbour! and the women of the harbour!
We remember that rent strike! Glasgow told them take hike!
As were marching on our way! We remember them today!

When our people stand together
We shall not be moved
When our people stand together
We shall not be moved
Not by a landlord! A sheriff! Or a Government!
We shall not be moved!

No evictions, No Arrears, You will drown in children’s tears!

  • Bedroom Tax, No way! Can’t Pay, Wont Pay! (Repeat)
  • The people united will never be evicted! (Repeat)
  • Labour, Tory, SNP all stink of hypocrisy!

Commonwealth Games!, Shame! Shame! Shame!, Atos sponsors of the Game!

1234, we won’t take anymore, 5678 you won’t have our welfare state!

(loudspeaker shouts) – ‘What are you sayin?’ (crowd shouts back) ‘were no paying!’ (everybody shouts) ‘End the war on welfare!’

Glasgow Against Atos Rally Speech

My name is Daniel McGarrell. I am a supporter of Fight Racism Fight Imperialism. I am also involved in the Hamilton Against The Bedroom tax Campaign. Today I am here to speak to you on behalf of the Glasgow Against ATOS campaign.

Glasgow Against ATOS have been organising against the cuts in welfare for sick and disabled people since last June. The campaign has been built by the work of groups such as The Save the Accord centre campaign, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism, the Black Triangle Campaign, supporters of the 32 County sovereignty movement and individual anarchists and people opposing the cuts.

The DWP’s persecution of the sick and disabled has led to 73 people dying each week after being found ‘fit for work’. This was the DWP’s own figures. Atos are a private company being paid over £100mn by the government to carry out these degrading ‘fit for work’ tests. Our aim is to build an open and democratic campaign against this abuse of human rights.  It began under a Labour government and is now being carried on by the Tories.

We believe that it is the people being affected by the cuts that must be at the front of the fightback. At our open, democratic planning meetings anyone who wishes to stand with us against ATOS and the cuts is welcome along with their ideas. None of us are experts! We all need to learn from each other to fightback for each other.

As well as talking we also take action. We have a picket of the Atos office on Cadogan St on the last Friday of every month. We show our solidarity with people going through these tests and also head into the busier parts of Glasgow city centre to let people know that a fight back has begun.

Our protest targets companies that are connected to ATOS. We end our protest outside the offices of the commonwealth games which Atos are sponsoring.

We demand that Atos sponsorship of the Games is cut. We also demand justice for the Save The Accord carers and the Jaconelli family who were thrown out their centre and home!

Since Glasgow Against ATOS was launched we have seen numbers at our meetings and actions grow each month. This has not gone unnoticed by the defenders of the upper class – the Strathclyde police force.  Strathclyde police have been harassing and disrupting our monthly protests. On 22 February two of our campaigners were arrested for using a megaphone in Glasgow City Centre. The Glasgow Against Atos Two are facing a trial in July. I am one of the people on trial. Last week we took 30 people down with us to picket Glasgow Sheriff Court to demand that all charges are dropped.

In 1915 thousands of people taking part in the Glasgow rent strikes forced the courts and the government to back down. This is a lesson for us today as we fight the bedroom tax.

Despite receiving threatening calls and door visits from shadowy police officers our campaigners will not be intimidated. We know that you the people of Glasgow will stand with us, as we are standing with you against all cuts!

We say –

End the war on welfare!

Defend the right to protest!

Cant Pay! Wont Pay!

We will not be beat!


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