Glasgow Against Atos Action: Christmas Special!

While the bells of Christmas continue to sound out let us not forget the sick and disabled people who have had Christmas stolen from them and their families. The previous Labour and current ConDem government, in partnership with the private multinational Atos, have ransacked welfare rights to the extent that seventy three disabled people a week are dying after having their benefits cut. As things are only set to get worse over 2013, with the replacement of Disability Living Allowance by the Personal Independent Payments scheme, we say that the sooner people get together and start fighting back the better.

On Friday 28 December our campaign hit the streets of Glasgow city centre to show that resistance to the cuts is both possible and necessary. With our very own Glasgow Grinch, a new banner and leaflets with details of our upcoming events, we completed a tour of targets which support the cuts and have been or are involved with using the services of Atos. Pictures of the protest are available on our facebook page ‘Glasgow Against-Atos’.

Campaigners set off from the assessment centre on Cadogan Street, to the Royal Bank of Scotland, to the Cineworld cinema, to the Commonwealth Games offices in the Merchant city and finally back to Cadogan street. Many hundreds of leaflets were handed out and some funds were raised by donations to help maintain and build the campaign. Never shy to defend savage cutbacks against opposition Strathclyde police sent three officers to stalk the protest throughout the day.

The campaign will and must grow – but it will only be with your practical, mental and financial help and solidarity!

Join us in condemning Atos and the work capability assessment this Christmas! Support us in the new year of struggle coming!

Next Organising meeting

Wednesday 16 January, 7.30pm,

Back room in Avant Gard pub,

34-44 King Street,

Glasgow city centre,

G1 5QT


  1. Stephen

    Sorry I couldn’t come to the march (illness). Well done for standing up for the rights of the sick and disabled. I hope you made a positive impact on someone in a position to influence policy (including members of the public willing to write their MP etc).

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