Glasgow Against ATOS End Of Month Action Goes Ahead!

The Glasgow Against Atos campaign held a second day of rolling action today. After speeches and pictures at the Atos testing centre on Cadogan Street (an isolated area of the city centre) a group of our supporters made their way to Central Station and from there onto the Royal Bank of Scotland before returning back to the centre. Other GAA supporters maintained a static picket of the centre throughout.

With chants of ‘Disability is no crime, Atos doctors do your time!’, fancy dress, banners, placards and a loudspeaker the public’s attention was easily drawn and over 500 leaflets, highlighting the targeting of the sick, disabled and poor for more welfare cuts, were distributed. This at a time when millions of pounds are being spent on the 2014 Commonwealth Games and £15mn to ‘revamp’ George Square!

Unfortunately Strathclyde Police constables Dinnen and Armstrong (A20, A967), both of Stewart Street station, were posted to harass our peaceful protest. After the arrival of two more officers, with more waiting in a van close by, one of our supporters was charged with breach of the peace for carrying a plastic toy gun!

We would like to thank all the people who stopped to show their opposition to this abuse of the right to protest, particularly the women who took up the loudspeaker to tell Glasgow of the misery her disabled father had been put through after being found ‘fit for work’.

These are crimes which Strathclyde police do not seek to stamp out – they defend them.

Join the campaign to hold the authorities responsible for their actions.

Hands off the sick and poor!

End the involvement of Atos in the 2014 Commonwealth Games!

Upcoming National Day Of Action Against Atos!

Monday 3 December, 11am

Assemble George Square



  1. John Docherty

    Was a pleasure to support and meet you all. Keep up the fight and ill be there again when my shifts allow.

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