Glasgow Against Atos take action!

The Glasgow Against Atos campaign got off to inspiring start on 26 October with a rolling picket of locations complicit in the war on welfare and the Atos multinational. All the people present took part in the understanding that Atos, a company hired on an over £100mn contract to find sick and disabled people fit for work, and their employers, the Department for work and pensions, are unfit for honest work in the interests of claimants and therefore must be organised against and got rid of!








Assembling at the notorious Atos test centre on Cadogan Street GAA supporters hit city centre targets including the co-operative bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland on Gordon Street before walking to the plush offices of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in the Trongate. The picket returned to Cadogan Street after that where supporters of the Black Triangle disability rights campaign, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and the 32 CSM distributed benefit advice sheets to claimants being assessed. Speeches and chants were made throughout the action with a loudspeaker and hundreds of leaflets publicising the attacks on welfare and GAA’s next organising meeting (details below) distributed.



Solidarity with the sick and disabled! Oppose the war on welfare!

Visit the following to find out more! Help us build the campaign!  

‘Glasgow Against Atos’ on facebook

GAA contact number: 07734348065

Next GAA campaign meeting:

Organising action against Atos planning meeting

Wednesday 14 November, 7.30-9.30pm

Downstairs in Bar Bacchus,

80 Glassford Street,

Glasgow G1 1UR

One comment

  1. Gabriel

    As one of many disabled vicitms of ATOS (private corporation pitbull for the real crooks – the government) I really appreciate the work you’re doing. I’ll do my best to be at the protest on the 28th.

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